What is Biosecurity

Biosecurity is set of measures aimed at preventing the introduction and/or spread of harmful organisms, in order to minimize the risk of transmission of infectious diseases to people, animals and plants caused by viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms. 

The term includes biological threats to people, including from pandemic diseases and bio-terrorism.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a recent example of a threat which has needed to engage biosecurity measures in all countries of the world.

Impacts of Biothreats to Security.

What did Covid-19 teach us?

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic is a recent example why countries need to engage in stricter and better Biosecurity measures globally.

A biological threat such as the pandemic has impact on:

  • Public Health Systems

  • Supply Chains

  • Manufacturing

  • Food Security

  • Trade and Investment

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Economical stability and progress

  • Social - Political - Religious - Psychological Impact

  • Way of Life, Working, Education

  • Countries Safety Reputation and consequences

  • National Security of a Country

It created severe disruption and new Post-Covid environment.

How can we Help?

  • We are the appointed Supplier and Partner of Veredus Laboratories for various countries and regions

  • Our Solution is currently deployed at ALL Singapore Immigration checkpoints (points of entry and exit)

  • We address a country's COVID-19 Response and other biological threats

  • We strengthen a country's pandemic preparedness,  Biodefense and emerging threats going forward 

  • We support a country in managing the “new normal” at Points of Entry – International Airports and ground crossings – First line of defense

Who are we?

Route One Consulting Pte Ltd was established in 2005 in Singapore as the international entity surrounding the development of a seamless professional services model providing best in project consulting around the world.


Since 23 June 2011 we have a status of Strategic Partner of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

Our Partner

Veredus Laboratories is a global biotechnology company, established in 2003, that markets, develops and customizes innovative solutions for detection of pathogens.

The VereChip™ combines two time-tested technologies (PCR and Hybridization) onto a Lab-On-Chip platform and is applicable in the fields of bio surveillance, food testing, infectious disease, as well as custom solutions.

Current Coverage & Partnership opportunities:

We are currently covering Azerbaijan, Russia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Belarus.


However we are actively looking to expand our Network, Partnerships and Coverage. 

If you have interest in partnering with us or in our solutions for your country, please contact us without any hesitation.


We are looking forward to grow with you!

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