What is Aviation Security

Aviation Security includes the deployment of advanced technologies and systems ensuring safe and efficient operations of manned and unmanned aircraft of civil and special-purpose aviation. 

The term also includes topics in the field of air traffic management (ATM), communication technologies, navigation, surveillance and air traffic control (CNS / ATM) and meteorological support of air navigation.

With an increase of inter-connectivity of technologies and systems, Innovation is key to achieve optimal safety and efficiency through combination of advanced Technologies. 

Impacts of Climate Change on Aviation.

The main expected impacts of climate change on aviation result from changes in temperature, precipitation (rain and snow), storm patterns, sea level and wind patterns.

Consequences for aviation include reduced aircraft performance, changing demand patterns, potential damage to infrastructure, loss of capacity and schedule disruption.

  • Changes in temperature, precipitation, storm patterns, sea level and wind patterns are the five main ways climate change is expected to affect aviation.

  • Temperature change affects aircraft performance, infrastructure and demand patterns. Changed precipitation patterns could increase delays and cancellations.

  • More strong storms are expected, with increased schedule disruption. Rising sea levels could reduce airport capacity and cause network disruption.

  • Changing wind patterns could increase turbulence, affect journey times and cause disruption.

How can we Help?

  • We are the trusted Partner of International Aero Navigation Systems IANS for various countries and regions

  • Our solutions are currently deployed at a number of domestic and International Airports throughout Russia, CIS and South East Asia. 

  • We address safe and efficient operations of manned and unmanned aircraft of civil and special-purpose aviation

  • We strengthen Air Navigation and Aviation Security systems and ​are open for new challenges in the field of Airport Safety and Capacity increase around the globe.

Who are we?

Route One Consulting Pte Ltd was established in 2005 in Singapore as the international entity surrounding the development of a seamless professional services model providing best in project consulting around the world.


Since 23 June 2011 we have a status of Strategic Partner of Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

Our Partner

International Aero Navigation Systems Concern, JSC (IANS) is an innovative research and production company, one of the leaders in the development and implementation of advanced technologies and systems ensuring safe and efficient operations of manned and unmanned aircraft of civil and special-purpose aviation.


Their team consists of highly professional scientists, engineers and specialists in the fields of innovative solutions, software development, navigation and satellite technologies for observation, communication, transmission of aeronautical data in the interests of flight management, environmental monitoring as well as meteorological flight support

IANS equipment is operated successfully in various climatic conditions, including the equator and the arctic.

IANS has completed a number of major projects in Russia, CIS and Southeast Asia and implemented innovative solutions that basically don’t have analogues, including: deployment of remote video surveillance systems, low-level wind shear warning system, wake vortex detection system behind aircraft, meteorological RADARs, LIDARs and others

Current Coverage & Partnership opportunities:

We are currently covering globally and are actively looking to expand our Network, Partnerships and Coverage. 

If you have interest in partnering with us or in our solutions for your country, please contact us without any hesitation.


We are looking forward to grow with you!

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